Message the photographer Scott Kissell

 As a photographer, I see the order and beauty of nature.
 As an artist, I feel I play an important role in the
 preservation and good stewardship of the land.  We do not
 own the land.  It is a gift for all of us to enjoy and protect
 for future generations.  My hope is that my pictures portray
 this role.

 Thanks again for viewing my art.  As the famous photo-
 grapher Ansel Adams once said, β€œThe picture we make is
 never made for us alone; it is, and should be, a
 communication to reach as many people as possible.”

 Photography to me is a extension of my soul which can
 touch the viewers deepest emotions without saying a word. 
 My need to create images is not only for myself, but for you.
 I have found that sharing my photos is one of the
 greatist joys of being an artist. Thanks for letting me share.